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Heart Healthy and Cancer Prevention Recipes

 On Fats
For a Chef fat is a blessing for flavor, but for those with weight problems it’s hazardous to your health. Those are the thoughts of experts including the surgeon general. It’s fat that makes potato chips crisp, our chicken wings crispy and our pie crust flaky. It’s used to keep food from sticking to our pans and adds flavor to the foods we eat. Fats are the richest sources of calories per gram double that of proteins and carbohydrates.  Cut out all trans fats.

As Chefs how do we make our food healthier?  Use lean Meats and Fish and Skinless poultry. A lean fish is better than a lean chicken which is better than a lean beef. Lesser cuts are cheaper and have less fat.

On Fish
• Low Fat Fish include: cod, haddock, pike, snapper, sea bass whiting, oysters, clams, mussels and scallops
• Higher Fat Fish but with High Omega 3: Albacore, anchovies, blue fin tuna, herring, shad, salmon, mackerel

On Chicken and Turkey                                                                                                                  
• Dark meat has more flavor, but more fat
• No studies suggest that a Free Range Chicken is nutritionally better for you
• Removing skin from chicken removes 1/3 of the fat
• Flavor with spices and cook under moist heat methods if removing skin
• Ground turkey is an excellent source for beef patty and can be seasoned as such

On Beef
• Lower grades are healthier because of lower fat. (Consider some choice cuts)
• Lower grades can be ground, cubed or slice across the grain
• Consider marinating and moist heat cooking like stewing, pot roast or braising
• Ground beef should have less that 10% fat by weight
• Washing browned beef with water after cooking it down eliminates 10% more fat
• A portion is 3 oz the size of a deck of cards, Consider thinner wider cuts
• Serve with additional sides and salads to reduce the meat portion to 1/3 of meal
• Grilling, broiling and roasting allow fats to drip off of prime cuts reducing fat
• For every teaspoon of fat removed from dry cooking you lose 100 calories

On Oils, Butters, Sprays
• Butter, because of its flavor and vitamins can be used modestly
• Lard and Shorting should be taken out of the Kitchen
• Best margarines to use have safflower or sunflower as first ingredients
• Whipped butter has the fat and cholesterol for a same size portion
• Get flavors from fruit juices, garlic, sesame oils and low sodium soy sauce
• Cut the fat from butter in a pie, by using one crust.
• Spray oiled salad dressing with spray bottle so as to my over use dressing
• Salad dressing should have less that 1-2 tablespoons of oil per cup
• Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar has excellent flavors for salads
• Use no stick pans so as to limit the amount of oil
• Use sprays which have not fats in them

On Dairy
• Substitute nonfat and low-fat milk for whole milk
• Substitute evaporated or skim milk for cream
• Substitute yogurt for sour cream and mayonnaise
• Serve sorbet or sherbet instead of ice cream
• Replace eggs with egg substitutes in baking and in lieu of fried eggs

On Carbs
• Offer whole grain ready to eat cereals
• Offer whole grain breads
• Offer crackers which are whole grain
• Offer fresh vegetables and fruits with their skin on

On Sugar
• Cut sugar to 1/3 cup per cup of flour
• Consider Stevia
• Use sweet spices
• In Place of sugar use honey and maple syrup
• Offer fresh juice selections instead of soft drinks

On Salt
• Use herbs and spices like basil, thyme and oregano instead of salt
• Use sea salt instead of table salt
• Omit salt from some recipes and let dinner add it them selves
• Use zests, lemon juice and vinegars to reduce need for salt
• Take unhealthy offers like chips and pretzels off your menu
• Use fresh when possible and canned in an emergency

Other Guidelines
• Cut all portions is half
• Use a salad plate to serve on instead of larger dinner plate.
• Get a fruit bowl and fill it with fresh fruit all the time
• Visit the local farmers market for organic grown foods
• Make a salad a meal once every 3 days


I cut over 100+ pounds of fat and went from a 3X-Large Coat to a Large.




Your Health Depends on How Well You Eat.
The Sooner You Start to Eat Right The Sooner You Will Feel Better. 
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