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THE Shop Right

WARNING:  If you eat a Western Diet chances are you could be eating healthier.  Even more sobering is the fact that more than 75 percent of those on the Western diet will have cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer or will be overweight to obese.  Eat the Right Foods is a manual for life that educates its readers what to put in their mouth, so they can live a happier, healthier life.  It is our hope that by eating properly you will stop, prevent or heal your body from chronic diseases and feel the benefits of your new wellness.

The Shop Right advises readers how to shop at grocery stores, cook at home and eat at restaurants.  In addion, we offer over 125 uperfood recipes for  coronary heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The Shop Right

The CDC states, 80 % of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and 40% of cancer can be avoided through 3 simple things:  1) Stop Smoking 2) Moderate Exercise & 3) Proper Eating.  Of the three, the first two are straight forward and depend on the willpower of the participant.  What I focus on is teaching eating strategies for long term health so that our participants don’t dig their grave with their own fork and knife.  Eating healthy is not really defined anywhere, it’s usually assumed by a doctor who tells a patient to eat better and lose weight, that they know what to do.  This books goal is to help people learn to eat in a healthful way, especially if they suffer from a chronic disease. 

We have grouped super foods which have nutrient profiles which should be helpful for the reversal, prevention or maintenance of diseases, defined as avoidable by the CDC. Of course, those who suffer from the following diseases are more than like to also be suffering from obesity or are overweight. While no one food will cure any disease, its eating a variety of healthy foods and changing certain lifestyle traits that the norm, not the exception to those who tend to beat the odd, and survive their disease.

The Shop Right not only offers recipes which meet or excess recommendation by the AHA, ACA, and ADA, but we also go in-depth teaching you how to shop at a grocery store, cook at home and dine out giving actual substations which can give you calories reduction, less salt and fat and more nutrients and fiber.


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Your Health Depends on How Well You Eat.
The Sooner You Start to Eat Right The Sooner You Will Feel Better. 
Learn to Eat Right Today.

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